I entered my first poetry SLAM

At the 2017 Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival I well and truly stepped out of my comfort zone. I competed in my first poetry SLAM (Margies SLAM).

Having never done this before, I first attended the Poetry SLAM workshop run by Allan and Tonja from Perth SLAM as part of the festival. I then wrote a poem to perform and launched it at an unsuspecting audience the next day in the auditorium at the Margaret River Cultural Centre.

To say I was terrified is an understatement and I needed to keep my hands in my pockets to stop them from shaking. But what a rush. And best of all I came fourth! Apparently, if I hadn’t gone over time (you only get 2 minutes and points are deducted for going over) I would have come second.

It was touch and go as to whether I would even make it to the stage, but I pushed through. I am so proud of myself for having the courage to get up in front of what turned out to be a rather large audience. I will definitely be SLAMming again.

To Fall Asleep in the Arms of God

Today I received a gift from my partner Josh. He made a short film for me. For nearly 20 years he’s been beside me as I’ve struggled to find myself in the world, only to find the world within myself, and thus, another journey began. Thank you Josh. I am moved beyond words. Thank you.

The Lessons of Anger

I got angry at the wind

But wind kept blowing

I got angry at the traffic

But the traffic kept slowing


I got mad at myself

For not being better

I screamed at my tears

But my cheeks got wetter


I lost my mind at the fire

But it wouldn’t stay lit

Scratched at my memories

They didn’t give a shit


Shrieked at the wine rack

For the empties on the floor

Punched my ugly mirror

But the shatters showed more


No matter what I do

The world just keeps coming

I stare out my window

And wonder why I’m running



Your Thoughts are the Facebook of Your Mind

My partner Josh and I were talking about how crazy and misleading our thoughts can be. Then we realised that our thoughts are just like our Facebook Newsfeeds.

So, we made a video about it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. But most of all we hope it resonates with you and helps you make a little more sense of yourself and the world you live in.

How to stop abusing your inner child

My partner, the very talented writer Josh Langley, has the gift of getting straight to the point.

Josh Langley

Josh aged 3 (2)

This is me at 2 and bit..

I was a curious kid, always asking questions and exploring. Mum said I was a hugger too, always going round hugging people. I daydreamed, made up stories and played with my dinky cars. I also wanted to be loved. To show love and to be loved. Simple as that.

Josh aged 4 by pool (2)

That little kid is still inside me. He is me.

So why would I verbally abuse him?

Why would I tell him he was useless?

Why would I teach him the belief that he needs to make everyone else happy before he can be happy?

Well that’s how we treat our adult ourselves.

The way we talk to ourselves is akin to verbal abuse and psychological violence. Listen to how many times you put yourself down, tell yourself you can’t do something, tell yourself that you’re a dumb arse, talk yourself down the darkest…

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(Painting by Josh Langley)

Night falls

And in that silent desolate blackness

My personal darkness

Arises and envelopes


I’m but one ink-black drop

In a sea of dark despair

And each drop that fills that ocean

Falls from my very eyes


With each obsidian tear

The ocean fills the more

And at that awful sight

I fall upon the shore

(Copyright Andy Macleod 2017)

When wild dogs circle


(Image by Collin Bogle)

It was going to be a long drive but I was excited. It was a chance to get out of the radio station and away from the noise and egos to one of the smaller regional stations. I was a radio Copywriter working in a radio station. I still write the radio commercials you love to hate, but I do it for myself now through my business Outside Creative that I co-own with my partner, author and my constant inspiration Josh Langley.

I liked my job at the time. It let me be creative to an extent. But of course there are the never-ending deadlines, someone always turning the music up and those loud, loud egos.

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